Our Values



We will delve into who you are and teach you how to tap into yourself so that you can become an unstoppable positive force.


Self Motivation

Understanding that you don’t need someone telling you that you are successful to succeed. Knowing how to tap into what you need to get you motivated is a powerful thing.


Goal Setting

Understanding the process and making it work for you in a way that allows you to win.



Understanding the positive aspects of being accountable. Learning who you are to be accountable to and for what reason(s).


Positive Mindset

Getting the participant's brain flowing in the direction of positivity is the first step. You will study the effects of positive thinking and how to tap into it for your benefit, this is one of the keys to being successful in life.


Skills Training

With this being the last session, the youth will be preparing themselves for their new future by gaining insight into a world that they may have only dreamed about.

About our program

We get youths that are in jail and start counselling them. so when they get out they have somewhere of comfort to go to, us. And we try to prevent them from going back. We do our best to get youths off the streets and out of that kind of environment. Bringing them the possibility of a better future, if they are willing to work with us as we help them. We have coaches, mentors, speakers and other professionals working with those that are ready to talk. This is a 27-week program, where we really get to know these youths and they get to know us, and trust is built. Sometimes all we want is a door opener, someone to talk to us, listen and tell us that it will be alright. This is why the Kamara Youths Mentoring Program was created—to take these youth to a whole different spectrum.

About Kamara Youths Workshops Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce youth crimes by supporting, encouraging and having them visualize the pain that they are creating for their families/friends and communities. We will bring these youths into different aspects of the spectrum of life through actual past experiences and their own experiences. This program has grown from our concern for the communities and the future of our youths and the best way to explain it will be someone they can relate to, someone who had walked their path. We understand that these youths still has a bright future and can still become pillars of their communities. We are here to create a pathway for our youths to take so they can one day lead the next generation. Our mission extends to enhancing our communities' supporters’, members’ and youths’ matters. Our support strategy includes a no-compromise effort in striving to continually offer up-to-date advice that will support the needs and future of these youths. We highly value our youths, every one of them, so through this long term commitment of support of the jail system, we will be building a long term relationship that will continue to empower, motivate these youths' if not returning to the jail system but want betterment of selves.

Why is Kamara Youths Needed?

Teen crime has at least risen 1.3 per cent over the past year. This may not seem significant, but it is very significant when you consider the fact that 90% of crimes are committed by youth offenders each year. In addition, 260,000 children die annually due to other youth offenders and another million are seriously injured, often causing them to be permanently disabled. Children becoming disabled in this manner should not occur. Some of the factors behind the scenes that contribute to these crimes being committed are poverty, peer pressure, and not having individuals and/or support systems in place that is ready, willing and able to educate, strengthen, and guide these youths towards the positive aspects of life.

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