Company Overview

All youths matter! Kamara Youths works with youths inside and out. Not only do we work with youths on the ground (in the streets), we also work with and counsel youths while they are in jail. When the youths are released, they know they have a support system who knows them and will work with them. We believe this process will be beneficial to them and the community, by assisting in the prevention of their returning to jail. We strive to get youths off the streets and into a more positively productive environment. We offer them a chance, the possibility, of a better future. If they are willing and work with us, we will work with them to assist them to become their better self and to understand a successful futureis possible. We have coaches, mentors, speakers and other professionals to work with thosethat are ready. Our mentoring program is a 14-week program, during which we Go deep into getting to know these youths and them getting to know us. This is an important part of our program, resulting in a high-level of trust. For trust to begin to form for a youth, sometimes all It takes is for a door to be opened. Sometimes it’s just having someone to talk to them respectfully. Sometimes it’s just having people around them who see and treat them as a human being. Sometimes they just want someone to listen to them and let them know they will be alright. Sometimes, however, it takes more. It is for these reasons and so much more that the Kamara Youths Mentoring Program (KYMP) was created. We are taking these youths to a whole new spectrum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce youth crimes. Our chosen path to accomplish this task is through awareness, youth support, communication, relationship building and more. Our program has grown out of our concern for the communities and the future of our youths. We feel someone who has walked that path and come out on the other side as an accomplished professional, would be someone the youth would relate to and listen to. We know youths relate better to someone they know has walked in their shoes. The youth feels the person’s life situations connect the two of them, therefore they are more open to listen to them. Even when the conversation turns to family pain and loss, they will listen and interact. It is because of this, we have someone who not only has walked in their shoes, but came out on the other side as a self made successful businessman internationally. Our youths will go through different spectrums of life through actual past experiences. The best way to hear it explained will be from someone they can relate to and trust.

We believe these youths still have a bright future and can become pillars of their communities.We are here to create a lighted pathway for our youths to take, so one day they will lead the next generation.[Our mission extends to enhancing communities supporters, members’ and youths’ matters. ]Our support strategy includes a no-compromise effort in striving to continually offer up-to-date advice to support the needs and future of these youths. We highly value our youths, each andevery one of them. This is why we have a long term commitment to support the youths of the jail system. As we grow our long term relationship, we will continue to empower, motivate, and uplift these youths. In time they will see themselves in a better light, wanting a path of betterment with new opportunities.

  • We listen to youths.
  • We build relationships with youths.
  • We coach,counsel and mentor the youths.
  • Offer solutions for their mental growth.
  • We make them to move outside their comfort zone.
  • All this to reduce the youth crimes.

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